Arhtur's Market History

The longest-running market in the country since George Washington was president...

At  the time, in 1790, it was basically a farmers market set up in a building at the  center of the Stockade, and it wasn’t called “Arthur’s.” Since then,  there has been some turnover — delis, groceries and the like. The old 35  North Ferry Street building houses now one of the best kept secrets in  Schenectady---it’s a coffee, non-alcoholic beverages, salad and sandwich shop.

Stop by on  evenings, and find the place full of locals enjoying coffee, chowder  and the sound of live music performed on the piano, folk bands like Hot Tuesday, poetry open mic, or Genest's house band, Kitchen Jazz.



Come visit the Historic Stockade

The longest-running market in the country!


Arthur's Market is the longest-running market in the country. In  the 1790s, the town of Rotterdam built the building to provide a place  for Rotterdam farmers to sell their goods. In reverence for those  original days, Richard Genest has left the well-worn brick walls bare.

Richard also runs the nearby Moon and River Cafe in a similar way — and Moon & River Cafe has the largest Vegan menu in the Capital District. 


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